Late To The Party.. 2014

LIfe Log January 5, 2014

Yup, New Year’s celebrations are long over, and as you can see I’m already late to the 2014 party! Does that make any other pending resolutions invalid? Let’s hope not, as I’m not sure where that would leave me in regards to the next 3.6.5!


Blogging is a somewhat tricky business for me; I like it in theory, and I love reading others blogs, however I quite quickly fall into a rut of thinking I have nothing worth contributing or throwing out there into cyberspace. I can quite quickly get bored of writing the same content. The blog I had before this one – ELECTRAGRRL – was one that I dedicated a lot of time and love to, writing about music that peaked my interest, but it quickly turned into a chore when I felt the need to put up a post and no song was ticking any boxes for me, and as such – despite claiming to be an alt. music blog –  the content claiming to be such became quite questionable. I am by no means going to delete it from history, as for all my time and effort spent on it, I gained some opportunities to expand my writing portfolio, such as writing for Renowned For Sound, and I saw my writing improve leaps and bounds, starting to transform into a level that I felt was worth publication, however, to me ELECTRAGRRL is an old portfolio, and now I’m ready to start a new one.

Alas, CHEAP THRILLERS! I always struggle with names, and I’ve never found that username that has been just bangin’ (well done Ghostparties!), but whereas I was trying to imply something in regards to my musical preferences with ELECTRAGRRL (Electra Heart/ riot grrrl), CHEAP THRILLERS is far more self-explanatory; there’s nothing spectacular about my life, tastes or probably my content, but this is just going to be a space where I can try to be inspired and share my inspiration. As much as I like clothes, I’m not an outfit blogger-type gal, and would rather spend my time documenting my creations or writing about whatever than just doing that (there’s nothing wrong with that).

So yeah, new nugget of cyberspace – one that is non-exclusive to music (though for more exclusive things, be sure to keep checking back to see how something quite exciting progresses!).

Now, the resolutions themselves! Last year I made quite a few…

2013 goals

2013 Goals

1. Be more healthy: eat better + exercise more

I always seem to be more motivated to eat well and do exercise during the summertime (is that just me?). I went on a full on, dedicated body blitz thanks to the lovely Cassey Ho over at Blogilates – if you need motivation, encouragement or a plain kick up the ass, her blog posts/YouTube vids/ smartphone app (!) makes it too convenient for you not to give it a go (PS. I had the beginnings of defined abs before the winter stooge set in *weep*).

2. Get Firsts in my uni subjects

Far harder than it seemed, I must say, though I was most bitter when I missed out on a First BY A SINGLE MARK. Not bitter at all though…

3. Get a part time job

Successful in regards to gaining 4 different part time jobs during the space of a year (yes, I’m that person). Unsuccessful in regards to two of them making me miserable, but I took steps to change that and am now happy with the 2 jobs I currently have. Every so often, your lucky strike will come up 🙂

4. Get my writing published on music sites

Pitching articles is still something that fills me with fear. What if I just get ignored? What if they check my prior writing and sneer? What if my ideas just aren’t worth their time? Plus there’s the fact that I’m just not sure on pitch etiquette, formal, informal, long, short – gah! Either way, I got published on musicOMH and got approached to be a staff writer for Renowned For Sound. Some experience for my LinkedIn either way!

5. Get more traffic to ELECTRAGRRL and improve content

Given that I’m in the process of abandoning it – unsuccessful!

6. Be a better person

Not really something I can comment on myself, but I try my best (and probably fail).

7. Improve my bass playing


8. Learn a new instrument

In the process of learning regular guitar, though other commitment s have drained my time.

9. Get paid for my art

I’ve barely drawn this year.

10. Make things to sell eg. Big Cartel

Created a far less creative ASOS Marketplace and managed to sell a few items (have a look!)

11. Take up photography

The only camera I still have is my phone, though I’d like to think I have an eye for a decent photo. Hopefully I’ll be able to save up for a DSLR this year.

12. Move out! (UNREALISTIC)

It’s still unrealistic.


1.  Graduate uni with a 1:1 or 2:1

2. Expand my writing portfolio (+ maintain this blog…) + get paid for my work

3. Post-uni, get a full-time job/internship that interests me.

4. Get my own little business going. Currently, I need to find a particular creative niche, however customising outerwear/denim always seemed fun!

5. Start a music website! The planning and organisation starts now! If you are passionate about music that isn’t Katy Perry, then feel free to link me to some of your work/get in touch and I’ll go into further detail.

6. Read more! For an English degree student, I surprisingly don’t read enough..

7. Be more artistically creative – painting, photography!

8. Persevere with writing my script/novel.

9.Travel abroad.

10. Do something ‘wild’ whilst I’m young enough to get away with it. I’m talking pink or green hair/ septum ring.

Ten goals will keep me busy enough, I think. The majority of these are far more realistic than last years. Of course, I still want to be healthy, but that is easily achievable if I make the most of the available time. Moving out is still unrealistic!

What are your goals for 2014?

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