Sky’s The Limit

Soundbites January 5, 2014

If you’ve got a finger or two on the pulse of music, you’d be forgiven for thinking Sky Ferreira was dead. On my radar since her debut single ‘One‘ was strewn over every blog/ culture based magazine either side of the Atlantic, she quickly disappeared into obscurity thanks to label and management quibbles over both her image and sound. A album seemed like but an abyss discarded dream thanks to a shedload of material being shelved and shelved again because it just was. not. right.

After all of industry crap an artist has to suffer in order to get their creative output to be just the way they want it, you’d forgive Ferreira for grabbing what seems to be every opportunity that comes off the back of her self-penned and tightly controlled debut Night Time, My Time, an album that took approximately three years to release due to struggle after struggle. Recently (in the UK at least), she has featured prominently in NME, on the cover of The Fly, Guardian’s culture supplement, Dazed & Confused and countless others, and one can only assume a UK release date is therefore imminent, despite Night Time, My Time being release in the US back in October ’13.

ferreiraIs it worth all of this apparent hype? As someone who got an advance when reviewing the album for Renowned For Sound (read here, if you so desire), I can state that it is. It is hit after hit after hit, combining aspects of ’80’s pop with buzzing electronics and frantic drumbeats, a combination one would never have suspected after the release of her lo-fi electronic slow-jam ‘Everything Is Embarrassing‘. Indeed, the inclusion of the aforementioned track would have been entirely out of place here (and a quick comparison of ‘You’re Not The One‘ and ‘One‘ will show how much her sound has grown), and it is telling when an artist casts aside their biggest hit yet in favour of material that holds no buzz and carries no weight other than the composition itself; Ferreira is evidently confident in her abilities, and she has every right to be.

It is difficult to cherry-pick through such a strong collection – one that has made many a year’s end list – however, the introspectively self-critical ‘I Blame Myself’, the raucous ‘Omanko’ and the retro-pop anthems ‘Nobody Asked Me’ and ’24 Hours’ are all gems here, and should Ferriera allow her halo to rust a little more, as an audience we will no doubt be spoiled by her creative offerings in the future.

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