Midnight Inspiration January 9, 2014

Natalie Off Duty / Joe’s Jeans: Leopard Lookbook

Jag Lever/ The fox doesn’t say anything

Lady Gaga’s cute septum piercing.

… and her fantastically green hair ❤

This amazing Wonder Woman tattoo


Sometimes, I’m just not tired, especially with my frequent late night shifts messing with my sleeping pattern.

1// Natalie Off Duty / Joe’s Jeans: Leopard Lookbook – Yes please!

2// Jag Lever/ The fox doesn’t say anything – Anything green and with a fox on gets a thumbs up from me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to spot a similar one somewhere.

3// Lady Gaga’s septum piercing – Old news, I know, but after umm-ing and ahh-ing for an age, I’ve finally decided to just pluck up the courage and get my septum pierced! I find a snug fitting septum ring really cute, and whilst at work, I’d tuck up a horseshoe. Besides, I’m sure there’s far more painful places to get pierced.

4// Lady Gaga’s neon green hair – By now you’re probably thinking that I’m a “Little Monster” myself, but I’m a pretty casual Lady Gaga fan. However, it’s instances like this neon green hair where she gets it totally right and I drool with envy; my hair is darkest brown and would most likely burn off through bleaching were I to attempt this, even if such a colour were to suit my skin tone!

5// Wolf Alice – ‘She’ – This song. That bassline.

6// Wonder Woman tattoos – Unartistic tattoos are a major pet hate of mine, and one of the easiest to ruin are human faces. Despite being a comic book character, this Wonder Woman tattoo is the perfect balance between realism and comic art. Plus the accuracy of the lines and movement here are beautiful!

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