Sound Forecast… January 2014

Music, Sound Forecast January 12, 2014

Late December/ early January is always the time that the powers that be (BBC, NME, I’m looking at you) like to try and forecast the musical climate for the forthcoming year. Of course, to predict that far ahead is nigh on impossible unless you’ve swiped Mystic Meg’s trusty crystal ball, however the bands that make those lists always gain on the resulting hubbub.

Myself? Class of… lists are generally compiled of bands and/or artists whose names I recognise but have never bothered to research, therefore the first week of January is typically left to filtering through various publication’s Top 10’s to pluck the diamonds from the rough. Without further blathering, here’s my mini sound forecast for January 2014.

Greys  >> Potentially late on the ball with this one, but hey, there’s never a bad time to shout out a frantically raucous band. Toronto natives Greys tear apart generic rock and rearrange the formula into angsty, impassioned bursts of energy. 2013’s three-track effort Drift is a riot from start to finish and with an album almost upon us they will be blowing our brains to smithereens once again in the (hopefully) near future. The most fun you ever had with math.

RADKEY >> An awful lot has been written about RADKEY in the past year. One listen to them and you’ll understand why. You will also think ‘Misfits’, for it is hard not to notice the influence the horror punk band have had on this trio of teen brothers (aged between 15 and 19 – it makes you question your own drive doesn’t it?). With an the Cat & Mouse EP and an appearance on Jools Holland already under their belts, it’s pretty much solidified that they are going to be a cult draw in the forthcoming months. 

 >> Everyone and your mother (kudos if she has) has been on about MØ for the better part of a year now. The Danish singer-songwriter and former punk has slowly crept her way up on the lists of almost every music/culture publication and is hotly tipped for a reason. Simply put, she is a little bit left-beat, and more than a little bit good – an amped-up Grimes, if you will – and with her most recent track ‘XXX 88’ featuring super-producer Diplo, she is easily the artist most-likely to garner crossover success this year.

Friday Club >> Take ten minutes to have a brief listen through Friday Club’s Soundcloud and you will realise that this is still very much a band trying to find their solid signature sound. From the pop sentimentalities of ‘All I Wanna Do Is Fuck‘ – which could easily be a runaway hit (it’s a free download here) – to the rowdier whirrings of ‘Tropical’, it is difficult not to get a bit excited by the evident knack this band have for simply creating good and solid songs. 

Bad Grammar >> For a two-piece, Bad Grammar make a lot of noise, one that cannot help peak your attention; their latest track ‘Temper Temper’ is a deliciously heavy treat with one of the dirtiest riffs I’ve heard in a while (though the one in Wolf Alice’s ‘She‘ is gonna be pretty hard to beat!). Judging on the minimal and heavy penchant that bands have been taking recently (hotly tipped Royal Blood, I’m looking at you), Bad Grammar may have to battle it out a little to make a dent in the current landscape, though ‘Temper Temper’ makes it look more than promising.

EYEDRESS >> There’s something about ‘Nature Trips’ that feels rather familiar underneath the dark, bubbling electronica. Ponder a little longer and you’ll most likely discern that EYEDRESS appear to straddle the fence between art-electronica moguls The Knife and their younger, eerie cohorts Purity Ring. There’s enough here to set them apart from their vast array of contemporaries however, and it will be interesting to see how they expand on their sound.

Are there any bands/artists that you are looking forward to hearing more from as 2014 ticks by? Do you like any of the bands on the list? Please, feel free to comment below!

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