A Week In Pages #1

1 Book 1 Week, Books January 20, 2014

Less invasive than a diary entry and potentially more productive too, welcome to my Week In Pages, a place where I can say to anonymous cyber denizens that I’ll be ticking this, this and this off my ‘to do’ list in an attempt to actually blackmail myself into doing them too! I kid, (but not much), however I have a pile up to my butt cheeks of primary and secondary reading that I need to slog through for uni that is sending me guilty vibes from my book bag (yes, I’m 21 and still have a designated book bag…), so naturally I am distracting myself from doing things I should probably be doing sooner rather than later by writing about doing it instead. If you managed to read that and comprehend it, well done! I for one am living in fear of reading various theories due to them, no doubt, being able to scramble my brain with their complex within complex sentence structure and myriad of obscure vocabulary. Not good. I should probably start trying to unravel it sooner rather than later, however the most recent issue of The Fly was calling me. A brief flit through HMV with my darling boyf and bessie left me zinging due to discovering that they were now restocking the mag after almost imploding due to money woes approximately a year ago. Ironic, it seems, that the only thing I left HMV with was a free magazine, but ah well, student woes. photo 4 The Turn of the Screw by Henry James has been the bane of my existence this week. As you may know, it is a Victorian novel that would have been considered a bit odd/scary a century or so back, but due to it being of that age, the sentence structure is often akin to a foreign language. This all results in my trying to rearrange the sentence into something I can comprehend whilst hanging onto the original thread of meaning, which in turn results in a headache! Being a few chapters in now, thankfully it is beginning to get a bit more lively (I’ve also finally grasped that the ambiguous protagonist from whose POV we see is actually a woman; it really did take too long to find that out). I plan on reviewing each of the novels on required reading as I get through them, so you’ll be hearing more on that in the future. Please feel to dance or weep as however you feel fit 0:) I’m also studying Science Fiction this term (do not even think about calling it ‘Sci-Fi’, or this teacher will verbally destroy you like Kanye did Taylor). I like Sci-Fi (Y.O.L.O.), and am actually looking forward to getting to the theory side of it. Uni is always so much more fun when you actually get to study things you’re interested in, as opposed to last year’s dud of a choice – Literature: 1830-1880 (I’m my own worst enemy here, I know), the reading list was beyond dire and every character in every book ended up in misery. If you think you wallow in your own self-pity, you’d better read Wuthering Heights, for Heathcliff and Cathy are so emo they make My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade seem like a carnival. Taking some time to actually make lists of ideas for posts on this place was fun to do, and next I’ll be working on planning more specific posts as well as a timetable for writing and scheduling them. This blogging malarky takes up more time than I’d first presumed having stepped away from specifically music blogging. Having somewhere that I am free to what about whatever I please when it takes my fancy is surprisingly liberating though. As of today, I am officially back at uni for my final term. The pressure begins here. I’m feeling a tad bittersweet about it all. Part of me can’t wait to be free of education yet the other side is apprehensive for life outside of it. Baby steps from here on in!

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