Fresh From The Mint

Outfit of the Day January 21, 2014

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JumperTOPSHOP (sale), Skirt – H&M (old, similar here), Scarf – H&M (old, similar here), Belt – Mom’s Wardrobe (similar here), Necklace – Carboot (similar here), Lipstick – Beguiled, TOPSHOP

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An outfit post? Yeah, yeah, I know. I swore this was something I wouldn’t do on here, simply because I felt that the blogging world is so over saturated by such posts, I’d have nothing new or original to add to the market. Truth be told, I definitely don’t, but I also definitely love clothes (and a great many other things, but we’ll get to that in due time).

First of all: I love green. Generally, when it comes to colours I wear, I am mostly drawn to the darker shades of the spectrum, with deep, bottle greens being right up my alley (and the occasional khaki item or two), however this past year I have been impulsively lured to mint. Admittedly, pastel colours are not my forte, and the closest I get to donning paler hues are on my nails (which are now nearly always scrubbed clean to meet the standards of my part-time job – sob), however I have had my eagle eyes roving for a mint jumper for quite a while.

Topshop have had various ones pass through their rails – I had my eye on a thicker knit prior to this one – as have New Look, but when I saw this one for £20 on their post-Christmas sale, it was a case of now or never. So yes, NOW.

Obviously, for such a bright colour, I can’t quite manage to fight the urge to tone it all down with black, completely distract from the ice cream shade with that trusty tartan scarf – which seriously hasn’t left my neck since I got it over a year ago – and don a moody lipstick to match. So, yes, channelling my inner Marina Diamandis, if you please.

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