Sound Forecast… February 2014

Sound Forecast February 6, 2014

Soo, that time of month again already, huh? I’m not complaining, music is one of the things I get most excited about. Food is a close second. Pasta, cake. Though not together, pastacake would be bad bad bad. It’s a bit post today, so get your ass in a comfy position and settle in with a brew coz if you’re doing this properly, you’ll be here for a while!

CHVRCHES >> See that title below? It is what you think it is. Wait – don’t go! You’re not that much of a purist are you? Who cares if this Bauhaus classic has been given a bit of a pop remoulding for a no-doubt trashy vampire film by Scottish electronic trio CHVRCHES (if you’re a bit pop-phobic, wait until your ears burn at the Klaxons disco In all seriousness though, if you let yourself be a bit open minded, I truly think you’re in for a treat with this cover, especially as CHVRCHES have managed to straddle that fine line between making it sound quintessentially their own and potential slaughter.

Blood Red Shoes (feat. Eoin Loveless and Ian Clement) >> Who? Why it’s only one half of rowdy youths Drenge and  Ian Clement gracing the newest bit of heavy, dirty grunted up rock by another of Britain’s power duos, Blood Red Shoes. We’re overflowing with good two-piece bands at the moment, aren’t we? Can’t complain, it always seems an impressive feat in my books, especially when it sounds so bulky.

St. Vincent >>Etherial, melodramatic and borderline psychedelic pretty much sums up ‘Prince Johnny’, but St. Vincent is worth so much more than those three words. She is one of those acts where, when you come within a millimetre of her online presence, gives of the stench of an artist. One of those people who cannot possibly be pigeonholed simply because there are too many ideas whizzing around her cranium, ‘Prince Johnny’ is the most subtle of the songs so far unveiled from her forthcoming self-titled album, and given the three adjectives I’ve just used, that’s saying something.

Hagana >> Ah, rowdy fun that you can have a good sing a long to. ‘Fuzzy Punch’ has already hooked on my brain and is the perfect introduction to this Scottish trio. Aspects of it remained me of older Biffy Clyro, you know, before they got overblown and boring. Having been treated to a preview of their forthcoming album One Year (no obligations to write here on my part), I’m pleased to say that it’s full of more of the same.

Ghost Foot >> There’s not much known about Ghost Foot other than their name, indeed barely flitting about the internet like some particularly tricksy spectre, however they appear to be American and they appear to have an EP out. It is available in its entirety above, and it’s more than a bit good, so go throw them a few pretty pennies.

The Wytches >> From one spooky specimen to the next, hit play on The Wytches if you like your punk all horror tinged and laced with psychedelia. With ‘Gravedweller’ they’re almost flirting with Misfits territory, however it’s a far more alluring track to listen to, creepy wobbles and all. Their best effort yet, let yourself be hoodwinked in.

Miamigo >> There’s always room for some lushly arranged electronica, especially if it’s done well. Much of such fodder can be boring, but in the case of ‘Opinions’ by Miamigo, boring it is not. Turn off the lights, turn on this song, and let its exotic warmth wash over you.

CHEETAHS >> Whoops, sorry, could have arranged that transition better, but if you’re going through this on your morning jaunt to work, the last thing you want is to be drifting off now isn’t it? Hopefully this CHEETAHS track will have helped to blow some of the cobwebs away. This one is a bit of a banger from the off, and what better way to get us bopping and throwing change their way when their self-titled debut album drops next Monday. Sorry, did I just see a moth fly out that wallet?

The Coathangers >> And to end, hyper-energetic punk from The Coathangers. Give way to it. Dance in your bus seat. I’ll be damned if you can find anything more groove ridden than this. Fin.

Wow, this post has turned out to be so long I hope I have something left to write about for March now.

So go on, what are you listening to? 

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