Sound Forecast… March 2014

Sound Forecast March 7, 2014

Music is easily one of the things that keep me ticking over. Sitting here trying to piece this post together however, is another matter. It’s that sort of scenario where you can’t actually tell someone what you did yesterday because ‘yesterday’ blended into every other ‘yesterday’ within the past month. For some reason akin to the above, attempting to pick out this month’s highlights has resulted in a major brain fart (partly because I’m still listening to the songs on last month’s playlist – congrats Miamigo, I’m still obsessed with ‘Opinions’),  but hey ho.

Brody Dalle >> First of all, let’s get reacquainted with the Queen, for Brody Dalle is back in action. I must say, I had a mini heart attack when I saw her name and ’14 promo shots apparate onto my Twitter feed (I chat schiße over @ooKayyy), and was filled with hope and trepidation for what would ravage my ears? Would it surpass Spinnerette (which, whilst not her best, got far far more flack than it deserved i.m.o) or would it sucker punch us like The Distillers days? The result is somewhere in between, and if you’re not salivating after the first 10 seconds, well, you’re sub-human.

Years and Years >> One bored day, I saw a new Kitsune´ compilation had dropped. After previewing the lot, I decided to invest some time googling Years and Years. The band, fronted by a guy I feel like I part-recognise from TV, make what I can only describe as unclichéd electronica, and ‘Real’ feels fantastically relevant, possessing that addictive quality that is in the marrow of any good pop song. Please excuse me whilst I go hunt down everything Y&Y have on the interwebs; their Traps EP is a good place to start.

Halsey >> Next up is easily one of the best opening verses to a pop song that I’ve heard in a while. Meet Halsey, a 19 y.o (oh, my youth) songstress that makes the smart sort of electronic pop that you dream of stumbling upon. Consider the darker moments of Charli XCX with a voice akin to CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry, ‘Ghosts’ is darkly punchy number that gives way to a surprisingly fragile chorus. Courting such a buzz on the back of a single song bodes well for an EP in the near future, surely?

Hockeysmith >> If you like your musical tension on a slow brew, then look no further than the Hockeysmith sisters Annie and Georgie, for in ‘But Blood’ they’ve struck upon something intoxicating. Despite not being an immediate hard hitter, you cannot help but wait to see where this track progresses. Comprised of murky rhythms juxtaposed with a scratchy riff, it captivates, as does the video, so much so that when it fails to go where you expect it to, you’re really not that bothered. Artistic perfection.

GOD DAMN >> Curb my penchant for electronica, now it’s time to go back to the loud. I’m sick to death of ‘twinkling guitars’, and with GOD DAMN there’s certainly none of that.  Take a trawl through their Soundcloud and it becomes clear that the band only get better with each song they unleash on our ear drums, with forthcoming single ‘Shoe Prints in The Dust’ being no different. Their live assault is a barrage on the senses that I highly suggest you witness have you not already. I’ll end this now, there’s nowhere else I can go from here really.

So, what’s been burning your eardrums this month?

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