What’s the story, GlastonBrummy?

Out & About June 6, 2014

If there’s one thing about festivals that is inevitable (portaloos aside), it is the yearly hike in ticket prices. On the cheaper side of things are Lunar Festival (£89) and British Summer Time (between £35 and £69 per day!), whilst at the other end of the scale we find Reading & Leeds (£213), Wireless (£210-£172), Latitude (£195.50) and Download (£180). Add on the complimentary transport costs, sleeping (what sleeping?) equipment, and the overpriced food and it’s beginning to get a bit much on the overstretched pursestrings of your average Jane and Joe.

If the general prospect of such is making you want to claw out your eyes in distress as you look at your last pay-check then search no further than GLASTONBRUMMY! Yes, you read that correctly, Birmingham’s own answer to Britain’s big one – on a budget. Hosted by the region’s newest and most exciting bar and venue Alfie Bird’s, the event – which is held on the same weekend as Glastonbury itself – presents a myriad of live acts at a pip of the price.


For the paltry sum of £35 for the weekender or £20 for a day ticket it is nothing to be grumbled at, especially when you consider what you’d be paying for your (coffin sized)m² over at Worthy Farm (Glasto tickets are £210), and for Alfie Bird’s price you get a whole range of music to satisfy your eardrums. Excited to hear of Kasabian’s first festival headline slot in… forever? Winners of ‘Best Tribute’ over at Tribfest, KAZABIAN (the ‘z’ being the only difference) – play the stage on the Saturday along with Australia’s best Daft Punk tribute act DISCOVERY, and hey, if they can make the flight, that jaunt on public transport hardly seems too taxing! If a more old skool vibe is your thing, you’ll be pleased to see ATOMIC BLONDIE and THE CLONED STONES providing a fully realised experience, alongside one FLEETWOOD BAC, with both bands gracing the Sunday stage playing all the hits and then some. If the ‘BAC have the approval of Mick Fleetwood himself, then you know it’s as good as the real deal!

But of course, with this being Alfie Bird’s, you know you’re in for something more than a little different! Saturday sees ukelele strummers THE PUKES taking on punk, whereas on the Sunday the brilliant all female tribute JOANNE JOANNE fuse their love of ’80’s Brummie New Romantics Duran Duran with Chic and the Sex Pistols, whilst THE PRISCILLA’S bring a mixture of big hair, New York Dolls and Shangri La’s to the weekend. Straddling the whole event is Colbert Hamilton, better known as Britain’s best answer to The King, BLACK ELVIS, performing ’50’s Elvis on the Saturday and his famous Vegas set on the Sunday. Yup, he’s so good, Alfie Bird’s booked him twice!

Atomic Blondie Joanne Joanne black elvis 1

If it’s local fun you’re after, GLASTONBRUMMY has it in spades, and even if you’re from further afield, transport is easily accessible with The Custard Factory being but a five minute walk from the city centre and a ten minute walk from New Street Station. With fun tribute acts and tasty food and drink to sink your teeth into, the only thing left to worry about now is the weather!

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.14.15


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