Saturday Night Antics @ Alfie Bird’s

Out & About June 9, 2014

Do you have that embarrassing friend? You know the one, the one that swigs a beer (or three) before deciding that they are, in fact, Tupac incarnate and attempt to bring down your house with their mad rapping skillz. And your other friend, the one that likes to shake it without a care? Let’s not even get started with those leg movements, eh? And we can’t forget your Dad can we? Your whole neighbourhood knows how he loves to screech the anthems when the football is on! Don’t worry, we’ve all tried to slink away in shame when their antics begin to get a bit hairy, but now you can wipe your brow in relief that you’ve found them a new home in Alfie Bird’s Saturday night mischief!

Alfie's OutdoorsAlfies Supersonic









Following the success of the Birmingham’s recent Supersonic festival, June sees Alfie’s expand on it’s weekend events.  It’s double Oompah fun on the 13th and 14th, with Alfie’s venue – The Oobleck – doubling up its fun for both Friday and Saturday! On Friday there is both music –  in the shape of Rebel Party Band – and comedy from of Rosie Martin, Craig Pullen and Dave Pollard, whilst on Saturday The Oobleck is open for its special World Cup screening as England take on Italy. Never fear however – the beer keller is up and running both nights, in fact, Saturday sees it joined by ROCKSTAR ME’s live band football themed karaoke. ‘Three Lions’ chanting and Dad dancing, ensue!

On the same night, Alfie’s unveil a brand new club night called TESTIFY upstairs in The Loft. Playing all the best Northern Soul, ’60s R’n’B and Rocksteady, if the footy is not quite your things, it is the perfect opportunity for you to boogie on down to. Fast forward a week and HIP HOP KARAOKE take over the house ready for every budding bedroom rapper to take the mic and belt some of the classics, and along with a club night as well as free entry, who can really argue?

That’s it then, both you and your friends sorted. And who knows, you may even get up and join them!

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