Shenanigans at Alfie Bird’s! (Take 1)

Out & About June 17, 2014

Following last Friday’s comedy and music night featuring the epic Rebel Party Band (take a read of their interview prior to the event) with laughs provided by Rosie Martin, Craig Pullen and Dave Pollard, as well as a highly successful Saturday night with The Oobleck’s World Cup Extravaganza, the Oompah returns this week with not a double, but a triple whammy!

If you have been following the Brazil World Cup, you’ll have been aware of England’s recent misery in their match versus Italy, and whilst 2-1 is hardly a damning loss, I’m sure we’ll have all preferred the score to have been the other around! Thursday sees the Three Lions tackle Uruguay in their second Group Stage match. Everything great about last week’s event is returning on the 19th – the big match on the big screen featuring beer keller, karaoke and a post-work BBQ!

World Cup oompah

Talking of BBQ’s, sample some fine Caribbean cuisine in the sunshine every Friday lunch with Jerk Off! (best poster ever – we think so!), including jerk chicken, rice, sweet potatoes and grilled veg. As you know, with Alfie’s it’s always value for money, and as someone who has sampled the goods, I can solidly say that it was delish! The regular Friday instalment is back as per – beer kellers and all – and a whole range of comedy on the 20th; from the warm stage presence of Gareth Berliner to the filthy anecdotes of Samantha Pressdee, plus the charmingly funny Freddie Farrell, there will no doubt be something in the mix to cater for all tastes. This week’s music (plus the lovely header above) comes in the form of sweet vocal harmonies courtesy of The Glamophones, ready to add a bit of retro glam to the evening and bring a classy end to the show!

Alfie's World Cup '14         Jerk Off! BBQ

Hip Hop Karaoke

If you thought that was the end, then you were wrong, as there are even more hijinks on the Saturday. The original and best, Hip Hop Karaoke are coming up north to turn even the worst karaoke denizen into a rap genius on the 21st! From the speedy flow of Busta Rhymes to cheeky classics of Eminem with even a bit of good ol’ ’90’s cheese thrown in (Vanilla Ice, I’m looking at you), there will be a song for everyone and of any ability. Post-karaoke fun includes free Jam Hott afterparty with DJ Miles and Ben Dunn on 4 decks! Did I mention that there will be free beer and prizes for all who are daring enough to get on stage and show us their best? Well, now you’ve really no reason not to do your bit!


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