Sunday Portrait #1

Art, Sunday Portrait April 26, 2015

New feature alert!

Recently, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get back into art. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s definitely something I miss and have not done enough of since dropping the subject at AS Level. It kinda sucks when a teacher manages to ruin your experience of a subject you love. This particular teacher even managed to lose half of my years work – to say I was miffed it an understatement!

Whilst I’ve been planning on experimenting with paint again, I do love line work. That I can just pick up my sketchbook and have a fully inked and completed work in a few hours time really appeals to me; I can get quite impatient and restless when drawing, almost as if I were to take too long the moment would slip by and the accuracy of what I was trying to achieve would slip.

Either way, here’s my first subject; the lovely electronic pop artist, Lights!

This was the portrait I chose. I love the challenge of conveying shade and texture without compromising on bold lines. I’ve also found myself appreciating dot work artists on Instagram – a few of my favourites include Chanelle Nillson, Hannah Pixie Snowdon, and Asmahan A Mosleh – so thought I would attempt it myself.

LIGHTS 26:04:15 (2)

Here are the finished results! I’m really pleased with how the dots turned out and will be definitely trying them again. I’m looking forward to experimenting with the dots using a combination of both water-colour and acrylic paints.

LIGHTS 26:04:15

I posted the pics on Instagram and Twitter in the off-chance that Lights would see them, and guess what…

Lights Twitter

How awesome ♥ The amounts of favourites, RT’s and comments it received certainly made my day

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