Watch The Throne: Game Of Thrones – “The High Sparrow” (Season 5 Episode 3)

Film & TV, Small Screen, Watch The Throne April 28, 2015

La de da, here we are again! Are you ready for episode 3? If you’re not and get violent where spoilers are concerned then stop reading NOW 🙂


The High Sparrow

In Braavos’ House of Black and White, Arya is sweeping to earn her keep. Riling various people up with her wanting to know everything whilst knowing nothing (she is related to Jon Snow, after all), Jaqen states ‘a girl must become no one’ and instructs she must stop being Arya before he can offer her any of his wisdom. She throws all of her possessions into the ocean but balks when it comes to her sword Needle, instead hiding it in the rocks. No doubt it will come in handy in the future. Her first initiation in the ways of the faceless men begins shortly, with her cleaning duties extending to bathing a corpse…

Brienne and Pod get to know each other on their travels, with Brienne sharing the reason she was loyal to Renly Baratheon was because he did her a kindness. Oh, and that she won’t rest until Stannis is dead and Renly is avenged. Back in King’s Landing, Renly’s widow Margery Tyrell is officially on her third Baratheon as she and Tommen tie the knot, and it’s not long before she is planting a seed or two in his head; after all, it must be easy to bribe a teen whose virginity you’ve just swiped. As such, Tommen hints to Cersei that she may be happier at the Lannister home of Casterly Rock, and as her threads begin to loosen further (who wants to be reminded that they may soon be known as the Queen Grandmother!?) she names the leader of the Sparrows – a devout religious group – the High Sparrow after his kin drag the High Septon from Littlefinger’s brothel. Times are a’changing in King’s Landing.

Margery vs Cersei - GOT S5E3

Travelling further North and Littlefinger informs Sansa that she is to wed Ramsay Bolton – you know, that deranged bastard of Roose Bolton that tortured Theon Greyjoy for 2.5 seasons. As you can imagine, the thought of being betrothed again does not fill Sansa with joy, especially with it making the man who murdered her brother and mother her Father-in-law. Meanwhile, up at the Wall, Jon Snow is exercising his newfound status. When Janos Slynt – formerly of the King’s Guard – refuses to obey Jon’s orders, he quickly takes the opportunity to behead him. Who needs a weak link in the chain after all, and – aside from Slynt’s confession of harbouring eternal fear – the last thing Jon needs is another mutiny akin to that which killed Lord Commander Mormont.

One thing that never changes however, is Tyrion’s ability to sniff out a brothel; their quest to find one sees a Red Priestess (who’s not Melisandre) declare Daenerys Targaryen their saviour, but when Tyrion finds his whorehouse, he discovers that the trauma of recent events has left him unable to… act on his urges. Which is a shame, as if he had been tucked away in a corner fornicating, he may have avoided being kidnapped by (he who loves Dany) good ol’ Jorah Mormont. And the credits roll…

Things are sure heating up.

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