Kayleigh Watson is a writer and illustrator based in the West Midlands, UK. She has been doodling and weaving tales for as long as she can remember, and after ruling out a short-lived childhood ambition of being a vet (cutting up pets, ew) she decided a creative life was the one for her.

As an illustrator, Kayleigh’s art flits between loose illustration and intense dot work. She also has a penchant for portraiture. Over time her two passions bundled into an amalgamation of culture and fiction; her big loves are pop culture, Buffy and that band that no-one knows about (yet).

ShopPOST-MODERN SLEAZE was established in 2016 and is where you can find merchandise of her work. Other wares can be purchased via Society6 and Etsy.

Writing: Kayleigh is also a journalist who predominantly writes about music, culture and feminism. She has contributed content to The Girls Are, Gigslutz, Renowned For Sound, Bitch Flicks, Zusterschap and Mookychick. Most recently, she started a film and TV blog, also named post-modern sleaze. She writes about art and her work here on Kayleigh Watson Illustration and music/culture on what kayleigh said, where you can also view a portfolio of her written work.


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