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On bullies, doppelgängers and intellectual property: The Natalia Kills & Willy Moon Debacle.

News and Discussion March 21, 2015

Odds are, prior to last weekend, that you had ever heard of Natalia Kills or Willy Moon. Perhaps you are even breaking that abstinence with this very article. Unfortunately, now you will, and I say ‘unfortunately’ because – quite frankly – shit sticks, and it would be exceedingly surprising if either of the pair managed to salvage what is left of their music careers after their performance last weekend on New Zealand’s edition of The X Factor.

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Vlogger expansion (and why it’s wrong to tear down Zoella)..

News and Discussion, On Topic December 10, 2014

It is December 2014, and if you hadn’t encountered vlogger phenomenon at the beginning of the year, then you have most likely stumbled upon it by now, whether you realise it or not. 2014 has seen the YouTuber troupe move from niche conventions and PR events to infiltrating radio, TV and even red carpets. Ever heard Dan and Phil on Radio 1? They used to be known as Danisnotonfire and Amazing Phil, and hail more than 6.3million YouTube channel subscribers between them. The likes of Tanya Burr have released capsule collections of cosmetics, Lauren Luke of Pixiwoo has launched brushes, whilst others such as Alfie Deyes have released books.

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How to deal with creative blocks (and bleaky lurkers)

LIfe Log, Off The Cuff October 13, 2014

Sometimes, it is hard to feel liberated, especially when your primary output is creative. Silly, isn’t it, especially when we pause to consider that the basic need to be creative is one of freedom and opinion.

Every so often though, the darkest of doom-laden shadows creeps under your door and lurks in your presence, just out of sight and always out of reach, averting your clutches until that opportune moment occurs so it can strike and swathe you in its weighty bleakness.

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