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Why girls need Hayley Williams’ Kiss Off ♥

Haircare & Make-Up, Small Screen April 13, 2015

So finally, it’s happened.

At the end of last month, Hayley Williams – of Paramore fame – debuted a new beauty show called KISS OFF (cue the eye rolls of many). The first episode of the vlog aired on POPULAR TV, the latest outing of former NYLON founding editor, Marvin Scott Jarrett. You’d be forgiven for not having heard of the site as it only launched at the beginning of March, but if you were – at some point – a NYLON disciple, then there is much for you to enjoy there.

You can watch the first episode of Kiss Off here.

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Midnight Inspiration January 31, 2014

Very female/fashion/hair heavy post here!

1-4// Hayley Williams for Le Book – Not the biggest fan of her crop/bob (crob?) but the versatility of it is really shown off in these shots, and let’s face it, if anyone could pull off some crazy-ass half shaved orange-yellow bob and make it look natural, it would be Ms. Williams.

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