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Watch The Throne: Game Of Thrones – “The High Sparrow” (Season 5 Episode 3)

Film & TV, Small Screen, Watch The Throne April 28, 2015

La de da, here we are again! Are you ready for episode 3? If you’re not and get violent where spoilers are concerned then stop reading NOW 🙂


The High Sparrow

In Braavos’ House of Black and White, Arya is sweeping to earn her keep. Riling various people up with her wanting to know everything whilst knowing nothing (she is related to Jon Snow, after all), Jaqen states ‘a girl must become no one’ and instructs she must stop being Arya before he can offer her any of his wisdom. She throws all of her possessions into the ocean but balks when it comes to her sword Needle, instead hiding it in the rocks. No doubt it will come in handy in the future. Her first initiation in the ways of the faceless men begins shortly, with her cleaning duties extending to bathing a corpse…

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