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Adventure Time: Amsterdam, NL.

Adventure Time, LIfe Log, Travel March 30, 2015

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To my surprise, just before Christmas, my (very lovely) boyfriend informed me that we were going on holiday. Except, it wasn’t for me to know where we were headed until later on and, I confess, heading to Amsterdam never crossed my mind. As a foreigner, it is very easy to get wrapped up in misconceptions when considering the Netherlands (read: copious amounts of lad’s holidays, stag and hen do’s and that the majority of Brits travel to Holland to, ahem, “take liberties”, as one local would say to me). It is a shame then that much of the history, beauty and culture of Amsterdam is overshadowed by the above (though of course, what you look for is what you’ll find). Skimming through pocket guides and Google is the best way forward. It is probably best to hit some of the big tourist spots, especially if it is your first visit or if you are on a short break, as we were.

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