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Shenanigans at Alfie Bird’s! (Take 1)

Out & About June 17, 2014

Following last Friday’s comedy and music night featuring the epic Rebel Party Band (take a read of their interview prior to the event) with laughs provided by Rosie Martin, Craig Pullen and Dave Pollard, as well as a highly successful Saturday night with The Oobleck’s World Cup Extravaganza, the Oompah returns this week with not a double, but a triple whammy!

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Saturday Night Antics @ Alfie Bird’s

Out & About June 9, 2014

Do you have that embarrassing friend? You know the one, the one that swigs a beer (or three) before deciding that they are, in fact, Tupac incarnate and attempt to bring down your house with their mad rapping skillz. And your other friend, the one that likes to shake it without a care? Let’s not even get started with those leg movements, eh? And we can’t forget your Dad can we? Your whole neighbourhood knows how he loves to screech the anthems when the football is on! Don’t worry, we’ve all tried to slink away in shame when their antics begin to get a bit hairy, but now you can wipe your brow in relief that you’ve found them a new home in Alfie Bird’s Saturday night mischief!

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