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It’s time to Shake The Shack!

Out & About July 11, 2014

Do you consider yourself one of the coolest cats around? The sort that just can’t cope with the sludge of the modern day charts crammed with dub step, One Direction and crappy R’n’B? It’s all too much to bear, isn’t it? Never fear however, for now you’ve a new home in the wonderful Shake The Shack!

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Shenanigans at Alfie Bird’s! (Take 1)

Out & About June 17, 2014

Following last Friday’s comedy and music night featuring the epic Rebel Party Band (take a read of their interview prior to the event) with laughs provided by Rosie Martin, Craig Pullen and Dave Pollard, as well as a highly successful Saturday night with The Oobleck’s World Cup Extravaganza, the Oompah returns this week with not a double, but a triple whammy!

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What’s the story, GlastonBrummy?

Out & About June 6, 2014

If there’s one thing about festivals that is inevitable (portaloos aside), it is the yearly hike in ticket prices. On the cheaper side of things are Lunar Festival (£89) and British Summer Time (between £35 and £69 per day!), whilst at the other end of the scale we find Reading & Leeds (£213), Wireless (£210-£172), Latitude (£195.50) and Download (£180). Add on the complimentary transport costs, sleeping (what sleeping?) equipment, and the overpriced food and it’s beginning to get a bit much on the overstretched pursestrings of your average Jane and Joe.

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