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1 Book, 1 Week: The Turn Of The Screw

1 Book 1 Week January 27, 2014

turn of the screw

Semester 2 of my third year of university is upon us! Which means my educational life will end in approximately 4-5 months for the foreseeable future. Scary thoughts, right? Admittedly, I have mixed emotions about it all, being excited to pursue the life I want to lead and be consumed by projects that excite me (or potentially end up in a dead end, unsatisfying 9 to 5 if all that goes to pot), but also being very attached to education. Since the age of 4, it has been all I have known, my entire life has been structured by it, and it maintains a sense of comforting security from which I am about to be thrown out in the cold.

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A Week In Pages #1

1 Book 1 Week, Books January 20, 2014

Less invasive than a diary entry and potentially more productive too, welcome to my Week In Pages, a place where I can say to anonymous cyber denizens that I’ll be ticking this, this andĀ thisĀ off my ‘to do’ list in an attempt to actually blackmail myself into doing them too! Read More